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Peter Kahrel kahrel at KAHREL.PLUS.COM
Sat Apr 8 14:32:46 UTC 2006

Pieter Muysken had some difficulty last week sending a response to  
Barnhard's mail, so I post it here for him:

Dear Bernhard,

For the last four years we have been working on a data-inputting system,  
orginally developed by Marian Klamer (Leiden) and Simon Musgrave (now at  
Monash) called SCALA, which takes glossed texts as its input and a  
quantified typological profile as its output. Hans van Halteren, a  
computational linguist has completely reworked the basic programming for  
the system and we hope to have it operant soon. A number of languages have  
been put in so far, but to get the system really working has proved  
frustrating. The more sophisticated answers require quite a bit of  
preliminary analysis;=we are better at this moment at basic questions  
about morphology and word order. As soon as the system has gone beyond the  
final tests we will make it available so that people can put in data (it  
has import functions e.g. for Toolbox texts), and make available the  
profiles established so far.

Pieter Muysken

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