adjectives and word classes

Hartmut Haberland hartmut at RUC.DK
Sun Apr 9 18:32:42 UTC 2006

Frans Plank wrote:

>though it is perhaps tangential to the current issue:  German colour
>adjectives such as ROSA, LILA, SEPIA (ditto non-colour PRIMA 'fine', EXTRA,
>SOLO, ANDERSWO 'elsewhere', SOLALA, K.O. (/ka:.o:/), O.K. (/,
>SPITZE 'top', KLASSE 'high-class', etc.) are not peculiar
>*morphologically*.  Their morphological behaviour is epiphenomenal:  it's
>their *phonology* (final coda vowel) which is to blame.  I don't think one
>would want to set up a special inflection class for that.
Yes, but what about OLIV (no coda vowel) which, I think, behaves like 
ROSA and not like NAIV?  (*Seine naivenen Vorstellungen is out.)  
Similarly, maybe, also AUBERGINE (which some pople might pronounce with 
a shwa).


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