grammaticalization of pronouns

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Dear Kazuha,

>  I'm investigating on the grammaticalization of pronouns.  I'm
>specifically interested in the lexical sources that pronouns are
>developed from. If you know any study on the topic, I'd like to take a
>loot at it.
I guess you refer to 'personal pronouns', don't you? So, let me give you 
the following references (selection) that deal explicitly with the 
question of how personal pronuns may have become grammaticalized:

Erhart, A. 1970. Studien zur indoeuropäischen Morphologie. Brno: J.E. 
Purk U.
Liebert, G. 1957. Die indoeuropäischen Personalpronomina und die 
Laryngaltheorie. Lund: Gleerup.
Majtinskaja, K. E. 1969. Mestoimenija v jazykx raznyx sistem. Moskva: Nauka.
Majtinskaya, K. E. 1968. K tipologii genetic(eskoj svajzi lic(nyx i 
ukazatel'nyx mestoimenij v jazykax raznyx sistem. VJa 1968,3:31-40.
Mauss, M. 1939. Une catégorie de l'esprit humain: La notion de personne, 
celle de 'moi'. JRAI 68:263-281 (from an ethnological point of view).
Myrkin, V.Ja 1964. Tipologija lic(nogo mestoimenija i voprosy 
rekonstrucii ego v indoevropejskom aspekte. VJa 1964,5:78-86.
Schmidt, G. 1978. Stammbildung und Flexion der indogermanischen 
Personalpronomina. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.
Schmidt, K. H. 1994. Zum Personalpronomen und der Kategorie 'Person' im 
Kartvelischen und Indogermanischen. HS 107:179-193.
Schulze, W. 1998. Person, Klasse, Kongruenz. Vol. 1: Die Grundlagen. 
Munich: Lincom. (esp. pp. 575-601)
Schulze, W. 1999. The diachrony of personal pronouns in East Caucasian. 
In: H. van den Berg (ed.). Studies in Caucasian Linguistics, 95-111. 
Leiden: CNWS

Also see my reviews of
Cysuow 2003 on
Bhat 2004 on

10 years ago, I had prepared a lengthy book manuscript on 'Personhood in 
East Caucasian' that should have become vol.2 of my planned 'Person, 
Klasse, Kongruenz'-Series (PKK). Unfortunately, I did not have the time 
to finalize the manuscript yet. Chapter 2 of this manuscript deals 
extensively with the grammaticalization of personal pronouns (the 
refence 'Schulze 1998' given above has a condensend version of this 
chapter). So, in case you want to have a closer look at this draft, 
please let me know - I would send you a PDF version (alas in German).

Best wishes,

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