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Date:	2006 Jan 29

Conference "Languages and Genes", University of California Santa 
Barbara, 2006 September 08-10

Call for abstracts for Poster Session

The University of California Santa Barbara will host an 
interdisciplinary conference "Languages and Genes" on 2006 September 
8-10, which will bring together leading international specialists in 
the areas of linguistics, genetics, anthropology, and archeology. The 
aim is to ascertain the state of the art with regard to cooperative 
research among these disciplines relating to human prehistory, in 
particular the major population movements that led to the demographic 
distribution of population groups, and especially to identify the 
most promising developments for future research on this problem from 
a multi-disciplinary perspective.

The conference will incorporate a poster session and we invite 
abstracts for consideration in this session. Abstracts should be a 
maximum of one page and should be sent no later than 2006 March 10 to 
Bernard Comrie at the e-mail address <comrie at>. Those 
submitting abstracts will be informed of the status of their abstract 
by the end of April.

The conference web site is currently under construction; further 
information will be posted when it is ready.

[I am based in Santa Barbara through 2006 mid-March.
 From  2006 late March I will be based in Leipzig]

Prof. Dr. Bernard Comrie
Director, Department of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for 
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