Conference on Reduplication, Graz 2007

Veronika Mattes mattes at LING.UNI-GRAZ.AT
Fri Jul 7 09:42:17 UTC 2006

Graz Conference on Reduplication 2007: Diachrony & Productivity
University of Graz, Austria
Sunday, September 30 - Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Organized by Bernhard Hurch, Veronika Mattes, Motomi Kajitani

The Graz Database on Reduplication project at the University of Graz 
invites submissions for papers for the Second Graz Reduplication 
Conference, to be held from September 30 to October 3.

Conference website:

Due to the developments of phonological and morphological theories, the 
discussion of reduplication has attracted the attention of scholars, and 
the number of publications on the topic has increased considerably. 
However, the majority of these studies had approached the issue from a 
theory-centric point of view, and substantial problems had been 
subordinated to theoretical issues. Thus, the First Graz Conference on 
Reduplication, which was held in November 2002, was dedicated to discuss 
the issue in various aspects with a focus on empirical evidence, and the 
papers were published in Studies on Reduplication (Hurch ed., 2005).

What still needs clarification is historical and comparative aspects of 
reduplication. Moreover, we are deeply convinced that any synchronic 
theory on reduplication, as on any other phenomena, is valid only if it 
includes or conveys an explanation of diachronic change. Therefore, the 
Second Graz Conference on Reduplication aims to further discuss 
reduplication with a special focus on diachrony and productivity within 
a typological perspective.

Invited speakers are:
    Henning Andersen (University of California Los Angeles, USA)
    Hans den Besten (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Nick Evans (University of Melbourne, Australia)
    Larry Hyman (University of California Berkeley, USA)
    Laurie Reid (University of Hawaii, USA)

Please submit an abstract in the following format:
1.	maximum of 3 pages
2.	in English
3.	with the title of the paper
4.	anonymous

Please email the abstract in plain text or PDF to 
reduplication at

In the body of email text, please include:
1.	title of the paper
2.	author’s name
3.	author’s affiliation
4.	email address and other contact information

The submission deadline is February 28, 2007. Notification of acceptance 
will be emailed by March 31, 2007.
The length of each presentation is 40 minutes (time for discussion 
included). The conference language is English.

Graz Database on Reduplication	     Phone: +43 316 380 8281/8280
Institute for Linguistics	     Fax: +43 316 380 9780
University of Graz	     Email: reduplication at
Merangasse 70
A-8010 Graz, Austria

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