"flag" for case/adposition

Marcel Erdal erdal at EM.UNI-FRANKFURT.DE
Thu Jul 13 14:19:05 UTC 2006

A question: Relational nouns (or auxiliary nouns, as I have called them), 
which inflect for person plus case and/or are themselves governed by 
adpositions, assume relational functions similar to case and adpositions in 
(among others) Turkic and Semitic languages. Which of the terms discussed 
are intended to cover them?
Marcel Erdal

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Subject: Re: "flag" for case/adposition

> Just a quick query re Martin's endorsement of Zwicky's observation that 
> "Everything you can do with adpositions you can do with case inflections, 
> and vice versa." Might suffixaufnahme or case agreement be an instance of 
> something you can do with case but not with an adposition? What too about 
> case attraction (arguably a kind of case agreement - cf a paper by Hans 
> Vogt many years ago)?
> Nigel 

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