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Fri Jul 21 20:32:01 UTC 2006

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Call for Participation


FILLERS IN GRAMMAR AND DISCOURSE                                      

Panel Proposed at the 10th International Pragmatics Conference

8-13 July 2007, Goeteborg, Sweden 

We would like to invite researchers interested in the role of fillers 
in grammar and discourse to submit abstracts for participation in a 
panel proposed for the 10th International Pragmatics Conference. 
Contributions studying various types of fillers, their morphophonology, 
morphosyntax, pragmatics and/or diachronic development in a particular 
language or across a sample of languages are welcome. We would also be 
interested to have contributions from psycholinguists working on 
fillers in language acquisition and from neurolinguists who are 
interested in the use of repair strategies in lexical access failure. 

If you are interested, please send one page abstract (with an optional 
additional page for data and references) by September 4, 2006 to 

    Nino.Amiridze at 

You will be informed on acceptance/rejection in the beginning of 
October, 2006. 

Nino Amiridze, Utrecht University (The Netherlands) 
Hiroaki Kitano, Aichi University of Education (Japan) 

If after the meeting there will be interest in publishing either a 
proceedings or a special journal issue, then the organizers will take 
responsibility of finding a suitable forum and will act as editors.

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