Frans Plank Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Thu May 11 15:30:40 UTC 2006

Dear colleagues,

in a forthcoming book review in LT the reviewer regrets that SEMANTICS (of
words or constructions) is rarely dealt with in typology textbooks, and he
goes on to wonder whether there is a canon of required readings in
semantics.  I'm not preparing a textbook myself, but would be curious to
learn what sort of semantics is being read and valued highly in the
typological community (or at any rate by that sort of linguists who care
about the diversity and unity of languages).

If you can spare a couple of minutes, I'd be grateful for your feedback on
two questions:

What is your personal hit list of top five titles in semantics (books or
articles) that *any* serious graduate student of linguistics ought to have

Which textbooks in semantics would you recommend for use in undergraduate

Will report back.

Frans Plank

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