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New Book

Title: Australian Aboriginal Words in English. Their Origin and Meaning.
Second Edition. October 2006
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Melbourne;
Authors: R. M. W. Dixon, Bruce Moore, W. S. Ramson, Mandy Thomas.

paperback: ISBN: 0195540735
	     ISBN-13: 9780195540734

price: AU$39.95

Australian Aboriginal Words in English records the Aboriginal
contribution to Australian English and provides a fascinating insight
into the contact between the first Australians and European settlers.
The words are grouped according to subject, and for each one there is
information on the Aboriginal language from which it derives, the date
of its first written use in English, and its present meaning and
pronunciation. This book brings them together and provides the fullest
available information about their Aboriginal background and their
Australian English History.

This second edition of the book has been fully revised, adding more than
30 new words and bringing the book fully up to date with contemporary
scholarship. Chapter 6 - on the way English words have taken on new
meanings and forms to describe Australia's indigenous inhabitants - is
completely new.

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