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LT 10-3 (2006)


Ilana Mushin
Motivations for second position: Evidence from North-Central Australia

Stephen Morey
Constituent order change in the Tai languages of Assam

Ashwini Deo and Devyani Sharma
Typological variation in the ergative morphology of Indo-Aryan languages

Dirk P. Janssen, Balthasar Bickel, and Fernando Zuñiga
Randomization tests in language typology

Book Reviews

Frans Plank
Präpositionale Dativmarkierung im Oberdeutschen, by Guido Seiler

N. J. Enfield
A Grammar of Semelai, by Nicole Kruspe


Frans Plank with Thomas Mayer
THE UNIVERSALS ARCHIVE goes do-it-yourself

The second five years of LT:  Editorial report

Contents of Linguistic Typology, volume 10
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