Lexicalization of case markers

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Thu Jan 4 15:49:52 UTC 2007

As Lehmann has it, "it depends on what you mean by 'lexicalization'". If
you mean case marking in a language which as nominal declension the first
example which comes to my mind is Lat. -bus of *omnibus* which has become
(although  not in Lat.!) a common noun.

I was wondering if anyone know any languages where a case marker is
> lexicalized.   Thank you so much.

> It depends on what you mean by 'lexicalization' (see Lehmann 2002). If
> you are looking for a case marker that becomes part of an
> (unanalyzable) lexical item, that is an everyday process by which cased
> NPs (chiefly, in some local case) become adverbs, as in German
> <i>unten</i>
> 'below', which contains a Proto-Germanic locative case suffix <i>-n</i>.
> If you are looking for a case marker that becomes a lexeme, i.e. a stem
> with lexical meaning, that would be a case (not of lexicalization, but)
> of degrammaticalization. There you may end up looking pretty long.<br>
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> Best,<br>
> Christian<br>
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> Lehmann, Christian 2002, "New reflections on grammaticalization and
> lexicalization". Wischer, Ilse & Diewald, Gabriele (eds.), <i>New
> reflections on grammaticalization.</i> Amsterdam & Philadelphia: J.
> Benjamins (TSL, 49); 1-18. [<a
>  href="cid:part1.07000407.05020006 at Uni-Erfurt.De"></a><a
>  href="http://www.uni-erfurt.de/sprachwissenschaft/personal/lehmann/CL_Publ/New_reflections_on_grammaticalization_and_lexicalization.pdf">download</a>]
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