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Kazuha Watanabe schrieb:
Dear all,

   I was wondering if anyone know any languages where a case marker is
lexicalized.   Thank you so much.

Dear all,

In the same vein as the German example given by Ch. Lehmann, you have  
Rus. segodnja  "today" = s-ego dn-ja 'this-gen day-gen' which is the  
genitive singular of sej den' "this day", as the gloss makes it clear.
Another instance could be Spanish  gracías 'thanks' < gracia-plu,  
which has a delocutive origin. In the same vein you also have Span.  
adios 'bye bye' or  Eng. thanks. In the late '70, Anscombre wrote  
several papers (in French) where he argued for a delocutive analysis  
of such forms (cf. Anscombre Jean-Claude. 1979. "Délocutivité  
généralisée et rapports syntaxe / sémantique". Recherches  
linguistiques 8:5-43.; Anscombre Jean-Claude. 1985. "Onomatopées,  
délocutivité et autres blablas". Revue Romane 20 2:169-206.)

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