Enclitic cardinal directions

Peter Sutton peter.sutton at ADELAIDE.EDU.AU
Fri Jan 12 13:32:25 UTC 2007

Does anyone know of a language in which cardinal directions or other compass
points (e.g. SE, NW) have enclitic forms that may be bound to e.g. verbs? I am
working on such a language from north Australia and would like to make
comparisons. For example, /epa/ 'south' (free form), -pa- enclitic form; /oli-
pi-n-pa/ [anger-tr VZR-PAST-south] 'he/she there south was
angry'; /ungka/ 'north' (free form); -(ng)ka- (bound form); oka-n-ka-rra [go-
PAST-north-LOC] 'he/she went northwards'.

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