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Wed Oct 10 11:27:45 UTC 2007

Algorithmic Morphology Workshop, Konstanz, November 3-4

Dear colleagues

we would like to draw your attention to the 
Algorithmic Morphology Workshop in Konstanz, 
November 3-4. Algorithmic Morphology or Algomorph 
is not about algae and not necessarily (but why 
not) about Algic languages. The aim of 
algorithmic morphology (also known as 
unsupervised morphological learning) is to 
establish a procedural approach to morphological 
typology. Given a text corpus in any language, 
how can this be analysed automatically into 
morphological elements with as little resort to 
semantics as possible. If you would like to 
discuss this and similar issues with us, you are 
welcome to join us in Konstanz (please, drop us a 
line as soon as possible). See 
for further information.

Bernhard Wälchli bernhard.waelchli (at)
Thomas Mayer thomas.mayer (at)
Frans Plank frans.plank (at)
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