Head-marked datives

Peter Austin pa2 at SOAS.AC.UK
Wed Oct 24 08:07:18 UTC 2007

Claire Bowern has asked me to post the following on her behalf:

"I can't post from my rice email at the moment so would you mind forwarding
this to the list? Thanks! 
Just to add to Peter's point about Australian languages, Nyulnyulan
languages have this. (They are non-Pama-Nyungan.) In all the Nyulnyulan
languages except for Bardi, there's a single suffix position for either
object or oblique markers. These can be adjuncts as well as arguments. In
Bardi, the DO and IO co-occur, but since there are no truly ditransitive
verbs in Bardi, in practice the IO in that case is always an adjunct of some
kind (most commonly either a benefactive or a possessor). There are also
verbs which take IO marking. I think they're clitics in Bardi but Bill
McGregor treats the equivalent items as affixes in Nyulnyul
inkajan=jin=irr aarli. He's bringing fish [pl] for him (=3sgOblique=3pl.DO).

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