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Greville Corbett g.corbett at SURREY.AC.UK
Thu Apr 3 16:16:20 UTC 2008

Dear Alexandre

The superscript equals is given in Pullum & Ladusaw (p. 206). They refer to
Wells (1982, xvii) as the source.

Very best

Greville G. Corbett
Surrey Morphology Group

On 3/4/08 16:48, "Alexandre Arkhipov" <arxipov at PHILOL.MSU.RU> wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Does any of you know of an appropriate transcription symbol for *un*aspirated
> consonants?
> Background:
> -- We are trying to find some (quasi) standard symbol to mark the unaspirated
> in (some of) the Nakh-Daghestanian languages, where the aspirated stops and
> affricates are the unmarked option and very frequent; on the contrary, the
> unaspirated are marked and rare. So we'd like to put no additional symbol for
> aspiration, marking the unaspirated instead.
> -- This is for a transcription system that is an adaptation of the IPA to the
> tradition of Daghestanian studies, it is not strictly IPA (the IPA
> transcription will be provided separately). We don't want to invent something
> ad hoc but for the moment we don't see any widely used symbol that would fit.
> -- The IPA charts (including 2005 revised version) only have a symbol for the
> aspirated -- a superscript small h.
> -- The Unicode standard lists a character "modifier letter unaspirated"
> (U+02ED) which seems to be a superscript equals sign, but we've never seen it
> used anywhere -- are any of you familiar with it?
> -- The best option for us, typographically, would be a symbol placed either
> below the main character or to the right of it. We are thinking of, for
> example, a minus or equals sign below, or of the famous triangular colon
> (which could, though, be somewhat misleading).
> We will be grateful for any suggestions and comments.
> Best regards,
> Alexandre Arkhipov,
> OTiPL at Moscow State University
> (Cross-posted to LinguistList)


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