Call for papers

Tue Jan 15 09:34:28 UTC 2008

Call for papers
As part of our project on "Two modal systems in Omotic: declarative and
interrogative clauses", funded by the Netherlands Organisation for
Scientific Research (NWO), we organize a conference entitled:
Omotic Utterance Type, Mood and Attitude Markers and Linguistic Typology
Dates:	23-25 October 2008
Venue: 	Leiden University, The Netherlands 

Utterance type or attitudinal expressions are often indicated through
sentence-final affixes in main clauses in some of the Omotic languages.
Other morphological marking strategies have also been reported, such as
using special inflectional paradigms for questions, commands and various
types of assertions and a subtractive morphological derivational
relation between some of these constructions. Further more, in some
Omotic languages different utterance type markers are used depending on
the polarity, tense-aspect as well as on distinctions between realis,
irrealis, obligation, etc.. 
The goal of the conference is to work towards a more complete typology
of utterance marking systems in Omotic languages and stimulate exchange
of ideas on how to account for their semantics and morpho-syntax in a
rigorous and theoretically informed manner. This will enhance comparison
of systems among Omotic languages and those from the genetically and
areally related ones e.g., from Cushitic and Ethio-Semitic languages as
well as with typologically comparable systems in other languages. To
this end, we plan special sessions on general typological-theoretical
discussions which can result in developing heuristic tools for the
documentation of mood and modality systems in little-known languages.

Abstracts are invited for 40 minutes talk (30 minutes presentation and
10 minutes discussion). Papers on individual languages from Omotic or
other Afroasiatic languages as well typological studies on Modality are

Invited Speakers: 
Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald, Research Centre for Linguistic Typology,
University of Melbourne, Australia. (confirmed)
Professor Johan van der Auwera, University of Antwerp, Belgium.
Professor Gerrit Dimmendaal, University of Cologne, Germany. (confirmed)
Professor Ferdinand de Haan, University of Arizona, USA. (confirmed)
Dr. Helen de Hoop, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Organizing committee: Azeb Amha, Anne-Christie Hellenthal and Maarten

Please submit an anonymous abstract by 30 March 2008 as attachment to
the following email addresses: a.amha at,
a.c.hellenthal at and m.mous at,
indicating your name, affiliation and contact information only in the
body of your email message.
We will send notification of acceptance of the abstract for presentation
by 15 April 2008 

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