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Rice Linguistics Society will host a poster session to accompany the  
12th Biennial Rice Symposium on Linguistics, to be held March 27-29,  
2008 in Houston, Texas on the Rice University campus.


The theme for the poster session is "Development of complex  
linguistic structures." We invite papers from all subfields and  
theoretical orientations of linguistics that examine complex  
linguistic structures. Successful abstracts will focus on the origin  
of complex structure(s) from the perspective of child language  
acquisition, diachrony, language contact (including pidgin/creole  
studies), synchronic change-in-process, or a combination of these  
factors. Complex structures include but are not limited to complex  
predicates, complementation, and relativization. These posters should  
complement the symposium topic of "The Genesis of Syntactic  
Complexity: An Interdisciplinary Symposium." While the theme of the  
symposium is limited to syntactic structures, research on any complex  
linguistic phenomenon will be considered for the poster session. For  
more information on the symposium, consult 

Submission Guidelines **EXTENDED DEADLINE**

The deadline for submissions is now Friday, February 8, 2008 (5 p.m.  
CST). Please submit a one-page abstract of 300 words maximum in PDF  
or MS Word format to rls An additional sheet is permitted  
for examples, references, and/or figures. The filename should be  
AUTHORNAME.pdf or AUTHORNAME.doc. If you use MS Word, be sure to use  
a common linguistics-friendly font, such as Doulos SIL, particularly  
if your abstract includes IPA.

Please include ''poster session'' in the subject. The body of the e- 
mail should include:

1. Name of author(s)
2. Poster title
3. Institution(s) of author(s)
4. E-mail address(es) of author(s)
5. Postal address(es) of author(s)
6. Phone number for primary author

Postal submissions will not be accepted.

Poster Presentation

Participants will be given a space approximately 6' by 4' to display  
their work.


Registration will be handled through the symposium. Poster presenters  
are invited to attend all symposium events. For more information,  
contact rls or visit the symposium website at http:// Registration details will appear in  
January 2008.
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