Proposals for ALT 2011

Siewierska, Anna a.siewierska at LANCASTER.AC.UK
Wed Jul 23 16:41:23 UTC 2008

Dear Colleagues,

It has been our custom to plan ALT conferences well in advance. At the
last ALT conference in Paris a number of tentative suggestions of venues
for the ALT conference in 2011 were made. None of these has to date been
reiterated. There may also be other proposals. I would therefore like to
invite anybody interested in making a bid for the 2011 ALT conference to
do so by contacting me at A.Siewierska at by 1st September
2008. To help the executive committee in considering your bid, could you
please fill in the attached questionnaire which asks for some basic
information concerning the venue and its infrastructure. The Executive
Committee will aim to reach a decision by the end of September.

Best wishes


ALT President
Anna Siewierska

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