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last issue of 2008, coming soon -- late Nov, early Dec.

It's mostly morphology and syntax, but there's 
nasal harmony, too.  And, who knows, nonsyntax 
may well be prosody.  More phonology again in 


LT 12(3) 2008


Mark Post
Adjectives in Thai: Implications for a functionalist typology of word classes

Gabriela Caballero, Michael J. Houser, Nicole Marcus, Teresa McFarland,
Anna Pycha, Maziar Toosarvandani, and Johanna Nichols
Nonsyntactic ordering effects in noun incorporation

Mark Donohue
Complexities with restricted numeral systems

Language Profile

Françoise Rose
A typological overview of Emerillon, a Tupí-Guaraní language from French Guiana

Book Reviews

John Hewson
Aspect in Burmese: Meaning and function, by Nicoletta Romeo

Gilbert Lazard
Alignment change in Iranian languages, by Geoffrey L. J. Haig

Mary Paster
Field linguistics: A beginner's guide, by Terry Crowley

Contents of Linguistic Typology, Volume 12
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