query: associative plurals via noun-verb disagreement PS

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Dear David
This is a very common pattern in Manambu (there is a copy of my recent grammar in your library). Chapter 8 has alll the details.
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David, this is very common in Australian languages. I have some discussion and data for this in Bininj Gun-wok on pp. 240-241 of my 2003 grammar (where I call them set-subset constructions); Ruth Singer has written some typological surveys of it under the rubric 'inclusory constructions'.
Best, Nick

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Subject: query: associative plurals via noun-verb disagreement PS

> PS on previous posting:
> Misha Daniel, with whom I have been having a lengthy discussion 
> on these 
> matters, has just reminded me that I forgot to cite an important 
> source 
> on this construction, Grev Corbett's 2000 book on Number, where 
> (pp. 
> 191-192) three other languages are cited as having ASPDs:  
> the Talitsk 
> dialect of Russian (citing Bogdanov 1968, though Misha himself 
> tells me 
> that he has failed to confirm the veracity of the data), Maltese 
> (citing 
> Ray Fabri p.c.), and Haruai, apparently only with pronominal 
> subjects 
> (citing Bernard Comrie p.c.).
> David
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