the use of prepositions in three Bahtin works is not the same

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Dear LinguistList members, I need in Russian in the electronic form P.N. Medvedev "Formal'nyj metod v literaturovedenii, 1928. There are still some opinions that in fact this Medvedev's work actually was written by Bahtin. I can find out if this is true or false. My colleagues and I found out that Bahtin's and Voloshinov's works statistically are not equal. Actually, we proved by the Chi-sqaure criterion that the use of prepositions in three Bahtin works is not the same as in the controversial book "Marxism and the philosophy of language" publishe under the name of Voloshinov. With the 95% reliability one can state that Bahtin did not write it. However, many works of Voloshinov show that Voloshinov did write it. Do you know any linguistic paper journal which might be interested in my article on my Bahtin - Voloshinov results? I never read the article of Yuri and Daria Medvedev, who wrote in support of P.N. Medvedev, the father. Could you either send me this article in the RTF file or give me their e-mail addresses, so that I may ask them personally? Or at least, the email address of Iurij Pavlovich Medvedev, the son of Pavel Nikolaevich Medvedev? If he sends me the texts of his father's works, I may be able to help him make his foundations in the proof more solid with the help of mathematical methods. Though, they may work on the contrary, that is prove that Bahtin indeed wrote Medvedev works. Anyway, I am sure my future results on Medvedev shall substantiate this or that position. I am quite curious. Looking forward to hearing from you soon to yutamb at  Remain yours most thankfully in advance, Yuri Tambovtsev, Novosibirsk, Russia
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