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Mon Sep 22 16:40:12 UTC 2008

Dear ALT members,

The executive committee is currently discussing ALT policy with respect to
conference planning, and before making any decisions it would like to find
out what the views of the membership are. So far, ALT has operated on a
two-year cycle, with venues alternating between Europe and another location,
usually North America and in one case Asia (Padang).

The executive committee has been discussing the pros and cons of this
tradition, and would like to give ALT members the opportunity to express
their preference on two questions: the alternation between conference venues
and the frequency of conferences.

Would you like

1. the location of the conference to alternate between
    a) Europe, (North) America and Other
    b) Europe and Other

2. the conference to be held
    a) every two years
    b) every year

Independently from the questions pertaining to post-2011 policy, the
executive committee would also like to have an idea of how members feel
about the venue for ALT's conference in 2011.  We're in the luxurious
position of having four very good offers to host this conference. One of the
many considerations in choosing between them is how many ALT members would
have an opportunity to attend. So, without prejudging the decision, the
executive committee would like you to indicate

3. if you would firmly plan to attend the ALT conference if held at:
    a) Dartmouth (Hanover, NH, USA; late August, early September)
    b) Hong Kong (mid June, mid October, mid August)
    c) Leipzig (late August, early September)
    d) Oxford (August)

ALT members can express their preference by replying to this e-mail,
choosing from the following options:

1a / 1b
2a / 2b
3a / 3b / 3c / 3d

The deadline for sending your response is October 15th. Thank you for your

On behalf of the executive committee,

Jean-Christophe Verstraete (secretary-treasurer)
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