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coming soon -- in golden October, that is:

LT 12(2) 2008

Language Profile

Marianne Mithun
The Pán¢ini Grammar Award

Patience Epps
Hup's typological treasures: Description and 
explanation in the study of an Amazonian language


Elly van Gelderen
Negative cycles

Seppo Kittilä
Animacy effects on differential goal marking

Sarah J. Roberts and Joan Bresnan
Retained inflectional morphology in pidgins: A typological study

Book Reviews

Martin Haspelmath
La quête des invariants interlangues: La 
linguistique est-elle une science? and Études de 
linguistique générale: Typologie grammaticale, by 
Gilbert Lazard

Doris Payne
Semantic role universals and argument linking, 
edited by Ina Bornkessel, Matthias Schlesewsky, 
Bernard Comrie, and Angela D. Friederici

William A. Foley
Voice and grammatical relations, edited by Tasaku Tsunoda and Taro Kageyama

Ingrid Kaufmann
Finiteness: Theoretical and empirical foundations, edited by Irina Nikolaeva

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