The 2009 ALT elections

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Sun Dec 13 16:06:29 UTC 2009

Dear ALT members,

ALT elects a number of new officers every two years. For 2010, we have to
elect two new members of the executive committee, to replace Balthasar
Bickel and Sasha Aikhenvald, whose term ends this year, and two new members
of the editorial board of LT, to replace Johanna Nichols and Alice Harris,
whose term also ends this year. We take this opportunity to thank Balthasar,
Sasha, Johanna and Alice for their work in the executive committe and the
board of the journal.

The president, Anna Siewierska, has asked the nominating committee to
prepare a slate for the elections. Now members have the chance to cast their
vote. They are invited to either approve of the entire slate or to approve
or disapprove of part of the slate.

Assuming that you are a member, please return your ballot to <
altelections at> before December 30, 2009.

The 2009 elections

I approve of the entire slate of ALT officers nominated.


I approve of only part of the slate:

Members of the executive committee:

Patience Epps             Yes/No
Volker Gast                 Yes/No

Members of the editorial board of Linguistic Typology:

William Croft                Yes/No
Martine Vanhove         Yes/No
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