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Johannes Reese johannesreese at GMX.DE
Thu Dec 17 10:28:09 UTC 2009

> Wir haben mit Eva eine wahre Freundin verloren.
> Uns verließ mit Paul ein guter Freund.

I could say, too, only for the first sentence:

Wir haben in Eva eine wahre Freundin verloren.

I believe that the basis for these constructions is not one of topic, but one 
of additional participants. Maybe it has got to do with that specialty of 
some languages to be able to add a sheer unlimited number of additional 
participants that Rapaport Hovav and Levin found in their 1998 paper. That 
would explain: 1) that some languages can't imitate it; 2) that it works 
somehow different with other languages -- and the fact that with 
different "constructions" in the CG sense different prepositions have to be 


Johannes Reese

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