development of a copula from the verb 'to come'

Hannu Tommola Hannu.Tommola at UTA.FI
Tue Dec 22 07:18:50 UTC 2009

Just some examples of copula/Aux < (be)come:

tulla 1. 'come' 2. 'become' 3. future auxiliary

saama 1. 'get' 2. 'become' 3.  future auxiliary

komma 1. 'come' 2.  future auxiliary
bli 1. 'become' 2. future of 'be'

bud-u, -eš', -et etc. 1. 'become' / future of 'be' 2. future auxiliary

and so on,

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Quoting Wolfgang Schulze <W.Schulze at LRZ.UNI-MUENCHEN.DE>:

> well, it depends from what you define as being a true copula.  
> Nevertheless, think of English /become/ (that is /be-come/), or  
> German /bekommen/ used as a process verb (or, in German, as an  
> auxiliary to encode the passive diathesis when foregrounding an  
> 'indirect object').

> I guess that there are many more examples in the languages of the world
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