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Recently Published and of Typological Interest / ii 2009

 From now on, new publications of potential typological interest will  
be periodically advertised on the lingtyp list independently of the  
ALT News.  Whereas ALT News are for reading, this listing is meant to  
elicit action -- reviewing action.

Apart from directly commissioning reviews, LT solicits offers from  
lingtypists to review books -- those listed here or whichever others  
you’d like to add on your own understanding of the attribute  
“typologically relevant”.  (And do construe its scope liberally!)  For  
purposes of book reviewing in LT, what matters is that REVIEWS are  
done from a distinctively typological angle, whatever angles the books  
reviewed are done from.  Prospective reviewers so intentioned please  
get in touch.

Continue to drop me a line with bibliographical particulars if you  
want to make sure your own relevant publications will be included in  
the next listing.   The most effective proof of the existence of a new  
relevant book is the receipt of a review copy;  do remind your  
publisher to send one to:



Universität Konstanz,

78457 Konstanz, Germany.

My apologies for any listings inadvertently repeated from the last ALT  
But then, many previously listed titles have remained unreviewed in  
LT, and since typological publications can have long shelf-lives,  
you’re welcome to make your pick and review now what has been listed  
before but is not past the sell-by date ...

Do feel free to also offer to review grammars for LT (again, from a  
distinctively typological angle).  Those new grammars we were aware of  
have so far been listed in GRAMMAR WATCH, periodically updated and  
with a consolidated listing on the ALT website.  GRAMMAR WATCH is  
about to be converted to wiki format, continuingly housed on the ALT  
website;  and in future you’ll be able to enter new grammars  
yourselves.  For the time being, we continue to include grammars in  
this listing.

Frans Plank

frans.plank at

Austin, Peter K. (ed.). 2008. One thousand languages: Living,  
endangered, and lost. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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[Language previously known as Montagnais-Naskapi.]

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University Press.

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