Chris Collins cc116 at NYU.EDU
Sat Jun 6 17:29:26 UTC 2009

Dear LINGTYP Readers,

We are pleased to announce SSWL, an open-ended 
database of the syntactic structures of the world's languages: 

(alternatively, Google: sswl database) 

SSWL is a searchable database that allows users to discover 
which properties characterize a language (morphological, 
syntactic, and semantic), as well as how these properties 
relate across languages. It's query interface allows literally 
millions of queries.

Please feel free to go to the site and play around with it, 
doing searches and browsing the languages and properties. 

Ultimately, we hope to fill the database with thousands of 
grammatical properties and thousands of languages all 
provided by members of the wider linguistic community. 

If you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested
in becoming a language expert or property author, please send 
requests to: linguisticexplorer at 

Chris Collins 
Department of Linguistics 

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