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Thu May 28 14:08:27 UTC 2009

Dear ALT members,

LT 13(1) 2009 is coming your way these days, or just has.  And LT  
13(2) 2009 will also come to you shortly, before ALT 8 (at Berkeley;   
remember to register, book a flight and a hotel/dorm etc.).

Make sure ALT and MdG have your correct mailing and emailing  
addresses.  And make sure you remain a paid-up member. These are the  
prerequisites for you to get online access to LT.  You'll continue to  
also have online access via your university library -- assuming they  
have a valid subscription.

all the best
Frans Plank


LT 13(2) 2009



Steve Parker

The naturalness and density of phonological rule interactions

Juliette Blevins and Sven Grawunder

*KL > TL sound change in Germanic and elsewhere:  Descriptions,  
explanations, and implications


Harald Hammarström

Whence the Kanum base-6 numeral system?

Nicholas Evans

Two pus one makes thirteen:  Senary numerals in the Morehead-Maro region

Frans Plank

Senary summary so far

Book Review

Silvia Luraghi

Comitatives and related categories, by Thomas Stolz, Cornelia Stroh,  
and Aina Urdze


Describe everything!  Grammar writer for a grammar-reading-audience:   
In remembrance of Mickey Noonan

Edith A. Moravcsik 
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