workshop 'Baltic languages in areal-typological perspective' at SLE-43, Vilnius

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Dear colleagues,
please be so kind as to distrubute this call for papers among as many
potentially interested colleagues as possible.

Thanks a lot!

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Peter Arkadiev
Jurgis Pakerys

Workshop “Baltic Languages in Areal-Typological Perspective”
at the 43rd annual Meeting of Societas Linguistica Europaea
Vilnius, 2–5 September 2010 (

Peter Arkadiev (Institute of Slavic Studies, Moscow)
Jurgis Pakerys (University of Vilnius)
Contact emails: baltistica.inslav at, Jurgis.Pakerys at

Confirmed keynote speaker: Nicole Nau (University of Poznań)

The languages of the Baltic area have been subject to
areal-typological research for quite a long time, especially during
the last several decades. The current workshop aims at focusing
specifically on the Baltic language group (Lithuanian, Latvian,
Latgalian and their dialects), which has been up to now
underrepresented in the general linguistic and typological discourse.
The topics which we hope the workshop will cover include, but are not
limited to, the following:
- contact-induced phenomena at different levels of language structure
(phonology, morphosyntax, grammatical categories, semantics, and
- the interplay between inherited and contact-induced features in the
structure of Baltic languages;
- typological divergencies between different Baltic varieties due to
areal influences of other languages (Slavic, Germanic, Finnic);
- the role of the Baltic data for the more general issues of areal
linguistics, language typology, and linguistic theory.

The workshop proposal (including the preliminary list of participants
and the topics of their presentations) must be submitted to the SLE
organizers no later than November 15, 2009, so we ask the future
participants to send us the provisional titles of their presentations
with a brief description by November 7. The abstracts should be
submitted by the end of December.
Please, send your proposals to both addresses indicated above.

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