A-only agreement

Andrej Malchukov andrej_malchukov at EVA.MPG.DE
Sun Sep 20 16:09:52 UTC 2009

If one counts clitics, then Semelai (as described by Nicole Kruspe) is 
such a language: A is cross-referenced by proclitics on the verb, while 
S/P is not (apart from few exceptional intransitives).


peterarkadiev wrote:
> Dear typologists,
> do you know of languages where the verb would agree exclusively with the transitive agent (A), but neither with P nor with S? It seems to me that I have come across such systems, but I cannot recall any particular details.
> By the way, if per chance someone knows of agreement systems where both transitive A and P are cross-referenced but S is not, this example would be highly appreciated, too.
> Many thanks in advance!
> Peter Arkadiev

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