O-only agreement

Kaius Sinnemäki ksinnema at LING.HELSINKI.FI
Mon Sep 21 05:46:04 UTC 2009

Dear Peter,

Korku (Munda, Austro-Asiatic) appears to meet your criterion for O-only 
agreement. See

Nagaraja, K.S. 1999. Korku language: grammar, texts, vocabulary. Tokyo: 
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. (esp. pages 98-99)

Kaius Sinnemäki
University of Helsinki

peterarkadiev kirjoitti:
> Dear typologists,
> while Paul Hopper has come up with an example of A-only agreement in Malay (see references below), I ask a follow-up question concerning the mirror-image situation: are there any languages where the verb would agree exclusively with the transitive O (patient, undergoer, direct object), but neither with the transitive A nor with the intransitive S?
> Many thanks and best wishes,
> Peter Arkadiev
> Paul J. Hopper, 1987 Stability and change in VN/NV Alternating Languages:
> A study in pragmatics and linguistic typology. In M. Bertuccelli Papi and
> J.Verscheuren, eds., The Pragmatic Perspective, 455-476. Amsterdam: John
> Benjamins.
> Paul J. Hopper, 1983 Ergative, passive, and active in Malay narrative
> discourse. In F. Klein-Andreu, ed., Discourse Perspectives on Syntax,
> 64-87. New York: Academic Press.

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