2nd Transalpine Typology Meeting - Pavia, 10-11 December

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2nd Transalpine Typology Meeting

10-11 December 2010, Aula Scarpa, University of Pavia, Italy

Promoted by:

Università degli Studi di Pavia
Dipartimento di Linguistica Teorica e Applicata
Dottorato Internazionale in Linguistica
Laurea Specialistica in Linguistica    

Universität Bern
Institut für Sprachwissenschaft


This typology meeting aims at intensifying the contacts between
students of linguistic typology on both sides of the Alps and grew out
of a collaboration between the linguistic departments of Pavia and
Bern. Contributions cover a large variety of topics in linguistic
typology, including ideophones, the expression of motion, number
marking, adverbs, auxiliaries,  alignment and grammatical relations,
transitivity, clause combining, and competing motivations.



10.00-11.00 Christa Koenig (Koeln): Marked Nominative: An Exotic Language Type?
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.00 Silvia Luraghi (Pavia): Basic valency orientation in Hittite
12.00-12.30 Arnd Soelling (Bern): Diverging lexicalization patterns of
a semantic domain of goal-orientation in two North-American languages:
Takelma and Maidu
12.30-14-30 Lunch
14.30-15.00 Deborah Edwards (Bern): Obligatory and Optional Nominal
Plural Marking - A Typology Based on Original Texts
15.00-15.30 Pietro Cerrone and Emanuele Miola (Pavia): Auxiliary
Selection in Piedmontese
15.30-16.00 Ruprecht von Waldenfels (Bern): Verbal categories across
Slavic - a corpus driven study
16.00-16-30 Coffee break
16.30-17.00 Chiara Fedriani and Emanuele Miola (Pavia): From temporal
adverbs to discourse markers in the languages of Europe: between
cooptation, grammaticalization, and pragmaticalization
17.00-17.30 Caterina Mauri and Andrea Sanso' (Pavia): Reality status
and interclausal relations: synchronic and diachronic variation


10.00-10.30 Ashild Naess (Zurich): Transitivity and word classes in Äiwoo
10.30-11.00 Bernhard Waelchli (Bern): Ištiktukai „happenlings“ – How
Baltic linguistics anticipated ideophones and why this is not known in
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.00 Sonia Cristofaro (Pavia): Competing motivations and
diachrony: What evidence for what motivations?
12.00-12.30 Erik Van Gijn (Nijmegen): Subordination strategies in
South-American languages: an interim report
12.30-13.30 Martine Vanhove (CNRS-LLACAN - Paris): TBA


- Sonia Cristofaro (Pavia)
sonia.cristofaro at unipv.it

- Bernhard Waelchli (Bern)
bernhard.waelchli at isw.unibe.ch

For additional information, please contact Sonia Cristofaro or visit:
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