FYI: The 50th Anniversary of Linguistic Department (OTiPL) / MSU, Russia

Архипов Александр sarkipo at YANDEX.RU
Tue Oct 26 05:51:40 UTC 2010

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (Lomonosov Moscow State University) also known as OTIPL is 
celebrating its 50th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of its founder Vladimir A. Zvegintsev. 
The celebration is taking place on the 31st of October, at 15:00 in the First Building of Humanities of Moscow State University (Conference Hall), after the adjacent conference (see [in Russian]). Everybody is welcome.

A dedicated web site is being developed which will present historical and biographical data, alumni directory, personal memories and photos, (extra)linguistic fun, to be completed and co-authored by the community (see [in Russian]).

We would be happy if you decide to write a few words on the occasion to: 
otipl.osipl at

Alexandre Arkhipov
Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, MSU
Moscow, Vorobyovy Gory, 1st Building of Humanities
phone 007-495-939-2601
fax 007-495-939-5596
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: Development Paths
V. A. Zvegintsev 100th Anniversary Conference

Friday, October 29

9:30-10:00 Conference registration (room 972) 
10:00-10:40 Welcome words (room 972) 
10:40-12:00, 12:20-14:00 Morning sessions (rooms 956, 957, 951) 
(see program here: [in Russian])
14:00-15:20 Lunch break 
15:20-16:40, 17:00-18:20 Afternoon sessions (rooms 956, 957, 951) 
(see program here: [in Russian])

Saturday, October 30 
11:00-13:30 Plenary session (Conference Hall) 
E. V. Paducheva (VINITI, RAS). Egocentric valencies and the deconstruction of the speaker 
Victor Raskin (Purdue University). Where's the Real Semantics? 
A. N. Baranov (Russial Language Institute, RAS). Theoretical vs. applied linguistics: complex interactions in the work of V. A. Zvegintsev 
N. N. Pertsova (MSU). OSiPL and the Society of Russian Philology Amateurs at Moscow University
R. O. Mutalov (Institute of Linguistics, RAS). Daghestanian field trips of OTiPL: an outside perspective
13:30-15:00 Lunch break 
15:00-20:00 Conference closing. OTiPL 50th anniversary celebration 

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