'like'/'manner' as Purpose clause marker

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Dear Yvonne,
Caucasian Albanian *(East Caucasian, Lezgian branch) has all three 
relevant functions covered by one element, namely the clitic*-ank'e*:

(a) Encoding what I call a '*guising function*' (X (is) as Y, that is: X 
in the role/form/shape/function of Y), such as:

/ća        o-ya         b^c eġ-own-powl*-ank'e*     
he-y                  e                   yal           o-ya         
biki       xaš-ank'e (Jo 17,2)
/face    he-POSS   sun-GEN-eye-as             be:PAST-PAST   DEF:nHUM   
raiment   he-POSS   white  light-as

(b) The 'intermediate' function (*manner clauses*) are expressed by a 
more complex element, namely hac^'ink'e (c^= c-hachek) that may entail 
the element *-ank'e (or, alternatively, an ergative-instrumental -in 
followed by the subordinator -k'e) that is added to a deictic stem. But 
in some cases, the simple form -ank'e is used, too:

/de         harz-es-ba-a-*ank'e*-o-en                       
p'owri-å˜q         own    ġowy-ba-a-*ank'e*-o-en
/father   rise-IINF-do:PRES-PRES-as-he-ERG      dead-PL-DAT2   and    

/owhow-o^c om   ġar-en       bowq'-a-hanayå˜rk'e-o-ow          
ġowy-ba-a-anak'e-o-en (Jo 5,21)/
so-same           son-ERG    want-PRES-REL:PL:ABS-he-DAT   
"For (just) as the Father raises the dead and revives them, even so the 
son revives whom he wants to.

(c)*Purpose clauses*:
/bow-ne    et'e-o^c om      žin-owx        hetanos-owx   
ar-i-he-y                                      å˜-aqoš
/be-3SG     there-same   people-PL    heathen-PL    
kak-owḳ-al-*anḳe*-å˜n-al                                      müwqen-ax 
(Jo 12,20)
/worship-say:PRES-PART-FINAL-3PL:ERG-FOC     feast-DAT2
"Just there, (there) were some heathen people who had also come to them 
in order to worship at the feast."

The origin of -ank'e itself still is obscure, see the discussion of 
-ank'e in Jost Gippert, Wolfgang Schulze, Zaza Aleksidze, Jean-Pierre 
Mahé (eds.) 2009. /The Caucasian Albanian Palimpsests of Mt. Sinai/. 
Vol. I-II. Turnhout: Brépols.

Best wishes,

>     Do you know of other languages in which 'like' or 'manner' is used
>     as a marker of purpose clauses? I’d be interested to know about
>     languages that 1) use ‘like’/’manner’ in purpose but NOT in
>     complement clauses, 2) languages that use ‘like’/’manner’ in
>     purpose AND complement clauses, 3) languages that use
>     ‘like’/’manner’ as the primary means to mark purpose clauses, 4)
>     languages that use ‘like’/’manner’ as one out of several means to
>     mark purpose clauses, etc.
>     Any comments and references would be much appreciated! I will post
>     a summary if there are enough responses.
>     Regards,
>     Yvonne Treis



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