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Dear Dan,
In Western Armenian, evidentials occurs in subordinate clauses of 
reported speach :
esaw     or     mard     che     eker
said-3sg that  man     did'nt    come-EVID
(samething is possible with main phrases like 'it seems that', 'i don't 
believe that', and so on)
However in this case, sentence stress is on the subordinate rather than 
on the main clause, and the pragmatic hierarchy between clauses is not 
the same as the syntactic one.
Evidential exists only in indicative mode, so it is impossible in all 
subordinates that require subjonctive.
So, despite the above  mentioned examples, I think your assuption is 
right, and such counterexamples may be considered like 
"semi-subordinate" clauses, with specific prosodic and pragmatic 

Le 13/12/2011 03:32, Everett, Daniel a écrit :
> Does anyone have evidence of evidentials appearing in subordinate 
> clauses? If so, are they restricted to specific clause types? I know 
> that it is thought by many that evidentials occur only on main clauses 
> for semantic/pragmatic reasons, but I just wanted to check to see if 
> there are counterexamples to this.
> Dan
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