Atkinson on phoneme inventories in Science - master class this December, Australia

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Dear Colleagues,
many voices in the discussion flowing on from the Atkinson and Dunn et al papers have emphasised the need for us typologists to learn more about the computational and statistical techniques underlying their work.

 I'm therefore posting this notice to let you know of a week-long pair of Master Classes to be held near Canberra – at our coastal campus at Kioloa  – from 4-9 December this year. 

It will feature courses by Fiona Jordan (Cultural Phylogenetics) and Joan Bresnan (Probabilistic Syntax) - each running for five days, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 
This will give participants an excellent chance to upgrade their understanding of these fields at a very relaxing location by the beach, with lots of opportunities for intense but informal discussion. 

For fuller details see

We are keeping costs as low as possible – they cover almost all meals, accommodation, and bus transport from Canberra to the Kioloa coastal campus. We will be delighted if some of you decide to make the journey to Australia to participate in this event. Note also that the Master Classes will follow on immediately from the annual meeting of the Australian Linguistics Society, to be held in Canberra immediately beforehand (2-4 December).

If you are interested in attending, please follow the links at the url above and register your preliminary interest, to assist us in planning the event.

Best regards, Nick Evans

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