Brief questionnaire

Peter Bakker linpb at HUM.AU.DK
Thu Nov 10 07:31:12 UTC 2011

Dear LINGTYP members,

Enclosed is a brief questionnaire that one of our students made.
It does take only very little time, and if you fill it ine, plases send the results to her directly.
A bried summary to the list can be expected.

Peter Bakker


I am a linguistics graduate student at the University of Aarhus.I have created the attached questionnaire for my typology exam and will be very greatful if you would fill it in and return it to my email: borregaard87 at It takes about ten minutes and will be a great help to me. The questionnaire contains 12 English sentences that should be translated into the language you have knowledge about and/or your mother tongue. 

Thanks in advance

/ Pernille Borregaard 
borregaard87 at

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