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Yes, the two big university presses are often cheaper than others, but 
they don't normally publish grammars of small languages.

The two grammars mentioned by Peter are exceptional cases, something 
like a special favour to Bob and Sasha (and their students).

More recently, Bob Dixon has been forced to collaborate with Lincom (see 
the OGFAUS series:


On 11/11/2011 17:40, TRUDGILL Peter wrote:
> Let us not forget the British Publisher Oxford University Press. 
> Calculations show:
> Dixon: Grammar of Jarawara (OUP) 732 pages £39.99 = 0.052p per page = 
> c. EUR0.06 per page
> Aikhenvald: Grammar of Manambu (OUP) 732 pages £39.99 = 0.052p per 
> page = c. EUR0.06 per page
> I suggest potential authors try them. And they have made offers on 
> particular books to ALT before, and are likely to do so again.
> Peter

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