Sebastian Nordhoff sebastian_nordhoff at EVA.MPG.DE
Tue Nov 15 10:05:51 UTC 2011

On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 10:43:12 +0100, Nigel Vincent  
<nigel.vincent at> wrote:

> The only answer it seems to me is to establish an online venue that is  
> prepared to be tough in terms of peer review and quality selection in  
> the way a top journal or publisher is but does not have high running  
> costs. It may take a while for such a venture to acquire prestige but if  
> enough of us were prepared to commit to it, I believe it would be  
> possible and worth doing. Is it something we should have a little online  
> working group to try and investigate and perhaps develop a proposal?
> best,
> Nigel

Good suggestion! I volunteer to take care of the technical implementation.  
Additional support welcome

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