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Dear everyone,
I have been following this thread with much interest. I take issue with Bill Croft's claim that some of the first efforts in linguistics at open access publishing are moribund. Linguistic Discovery, at least, is going strong.  A special issue on Caucasian languages (guest edited by Denis Creissels and Ioana Chitoran) was just published. We receive submissions (many of them, unfortunately, not of a quality that we can publish) from colleagues in the Middle East, Central Asia and, to a lesser extent, Latin America on a regular basis.  Many of the people submitting material are focused on description of lesser-studied languages (though not typically involving grammar-length mss.)
One issue that needs to be kept in mind: there are real costs involved in on-line publishing.  If subscribers/purchases are not paying, someone is in terms of technical support and formatting for electronic display.  And these costs are not trivial. Linguistic Discovery is only possible because our costs are absorbed by university libraries (primarily at Darmouth).


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On Nov 15, 2011, at 11:24 AM, Bill Croft wrote:

 "Linguistic Discovery" and "Constructions" are pretty moribund

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