Historical-Comparative Linguistics in the 21st Century - Pavia, 22-25 September 2011

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Historical-Comparative Linguistics in the 21st Century
Pavia, 22-25 September 2011


22 September

15.15 Pre-opening session

15.20-15.40 Alessandra Caviglia, Pavia - Introduction to the poster session
15.45 -16.45 Poster Session organized by Alessandra Caviglia
16.45-17.15 Break

Session 1 Chair Elisabetta Jezek
17.15 Elisabetta Jezek, Pavia - Introduction: 
“Quantitative methods and corpora”
17.30 Michael Cysouw, München, “Quantitative 
approaches to the reconstruction of meaning change”
18.00 Dag Haug, Oslo, “Personal names with 
articles in New Testament Greek. A quantitative approach”

23 September

9.00 Opening address

Angiolino Stella, President of the University
Alessandro Cattaneo, Mayor of the City of Pavia
Dario Mantovani, Coordinator of celebrations for
the 650th anniversary of the University
Bernhard Hauer, Deputy Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany
Riccardo Pozzo, Humboldt Fellows Association
Ulrich Braess, Director of the Goethe-Institut
Elisa Romano, Dean of the Faculty of Arts
Gianguido Manzelli, Chair of the Linguistic Department

10.30 Rosemarie Lühr, Jena, President of the 
Indogermanische Gesellschaft, “Zur Rekonstruktion 
der indogermanischen Syntax heute”

11.00 Break
Session 2. - Chair Rosemarie Lühr
11.30 Elisabeth Rieken, Marburg, “Neue Wege und 
Irrwege in der indogermanistischen Forschung”
12.00 Gerd Carling, Uppsala “Structural typology 
and the role of historical linguistics - towards a synthesis”
12.30 Mate Kapovi , Zagreb, 
“Historical-Comparative and Variationist Linguistics”

13-14.30 Break

Session 3 - Chair Pierluigi Cuzzolin
14.30 Pierluigi Cuzzolin, Bergamo - Introduction: 
“Reconstructing alignment in PIE”
14.40 Leonid Kulikov, Leiden, “Transitivity and 
labile syntax in Proto-Indo-European: A diachronic typological approach”
15.10 Ranko Matasovi , Zagreb, “The re-evaluation 
of the evidence for PIE as a language with active clause alignment”
15.40 Ilya Yakubovich, Moscow State University, 
“Privative ergativity in Hittite”
16.10 Discussion

16.30 Break

Session 4. - Chair Elisabeth Rieken
17.00 Antonio Loprieno, Basel, “On the typology of focus in Egyptian”
17.30 Maria Carmela Benvenuto, Roma Sapienza, 
“Possessive and existential contructions in 
Ancient Greek. A discourse perspective”
18.00 Elena Skribnik, München, “South Siberian 
Turkic languages: past language contacts”

24 September

Session 5 - Chair Antonio Loprieno
9.00 Tijmen Pronk, Zagreb, “Slavic words denoting 
emotions and their Indo-European origin”
9.30 Matthias Urban, Max Planck Institute for 
Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, “Semantic 
Change and the Methodology of Semantic Reconstruction”
10.00 Paola Dardano, Siena Stranieri, 
“Anatolischer Wortschatz und Phraseologie: Ererbtes und fremde Einflüsse”

10.30-11.00 Break

Session 6 - Chair Elisa Roma
11.00 Livio Gaeta, Napoli Federico II “On 
evolutive and adaptive change: 
Historical-comparative linguistics and the origin of language”
11.30 Maria Napoli, Siena Stranieri, “The 
Indo-European Verb in the 21st Century. On the category of Aspect”

12.00 Guided tour of the University

13.30-15.00 Break

Session 8- Chair Ranko Matasovi
15.00 Pietro Dini, Pisa, “Philologisches und 
Linguistisches am Beispiel der Übersetzungen ins Altpreussische”
15.30 Daniel Petit, École Normale Supérieure 
Paris, “On indefinite pronouns in the Baltic languages”

16.00-16.30 Break

Session 6 - Chair Daniel Petit
16.30 Egle Mocciaro, Palermo “Agency and agentive prepositions in Late Latin”
17.00 Luisa Brucale, Palermo “Manner of motion verbs in Latin”

18.00 Walking tour of Pavia

25 September

Session 7  - Chair Gerd Carling
9.00 Luz Conti, Madrid Autónoma, “Temporal and 
conjunctive Adverbs in Ancient Greek: A historical overview”
9.30 Stefanie Fauconnier, Leuven, “The Ancient 
Greek relative clause from a typological perspective”
10.00 César Ruiz, Madrid Complutense, “Productivity and language corpus”

10.30-11.00 Break

11.00 Round table hosted by Davide Ricca, Torino

12.30 Silvia Luraghi, Pavia - Conclusion

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