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Peter Arkadiev peterarkadiev at YANDEX.RU
Mon Jan 2 13:40:50 UTC 2012

Dear colleagues,

this is an announcement on behalf of my colleagues Oleg Belyaev and Arseniy Vydrin:


Dear colleagues,

We are glad to inform you that the Ossetic National Corpus is now available
online. It contains about 5 million wordforms. All the texts in the corpus
have been automatically annotated and contain English translations of most
lexemes. The percentage of annotated wordforms is more than 75%. The corpus
is found at the Internet portal dedicated to the description and
documentation of Ossetic: .

The search engine of the corpus allows one to search by token, by lexeme,
or by English translation, combined with any number of inflectional and
derivational morphological features.

The corpus can be reached at the following address:

The corpus does not yet contain detailed information on the user interface.
However, the engine of this corpus is based on that of the Eastern Armenian
National Corpus (, and you may use the information found at
that website for help on using the corpus of Ossetic.

The corpus supports Latin transliteration of the search results. To turn
this feature on, please use the menu "Display options" in the lower right
corner of the screen.

If you have any questions or comments on the corpus, please feel free to
contact us via the following address: ossetic.studies at .

Yours truly,

Oleg Belyaev
Arseniy Vydrin

Season's greetings and best wishes,


Peter Arkadiev, PhD
Institute of Slavic Studies
Russian Academy of Sciences 
Leninsky prospekt 32-A 119334 Moscow
peterarkadiev at

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