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Martin Haspelmath haspelmath at EVA.MPG.DE
Wed Jun 13 20:31:11 UTC 2012

Dear LINGTYP readers,

You may be interested in a new blog by linguists for linguists, on 
current issues in typology and the study of lesser known languages. It's 
called "Diversity Linguistics Comment", and it can be found at

So far, most of the posts are by myself, but I hope that that will soon 
change: If you want to contribute to this blog, just let me know. 
Scholarly contributions of many different kinds are welcome.

The idea is to add to the available types of communication in our field: 
we have formal papers and books, e-mail lists, conferences and talks. 
Blogs are ideally suited for the intermediate level of formality, 
between formal papers and e-mail discussion lists.

A notable innovation of this blog is the category of "article comments", 
i.e. informal discussions of formal papers that have appeared recently. 
"Book review" is a well-known class of publications, but not all of us 
have time for writing full book reviews, and they typicaly take very 
long to come out. So "article comment blog post" may be a new genre that 
will be found useful by others as well.


Martin Haspelmath (haspelmath at
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