LDD and FEL book sale

Peter Austin pa2 at SOAS.AC.UK
Thu May 3 14:40:08 UTC 2012

In celebration of Endangered Languages Week at SOAS (http://www.hrelp.org/events/elw2012/index.html) we are offering for the month of May only 20% off the price of all volumes of Language Documentation and Description, which are now priced at just GBP 10 per volume. To order by secure credit card purchase go to our online store at http://store.soas.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?catid=208&modid=1&compid=1

The Foundation for Endangered Languages is also offering 25% off their books for the month of May (now priced at GBP 15 each) -- place orders at http://store.soas.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?catid=210&modid=1&compid=1

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