Glottolog 2.0 =?windows-1252?Q?=96_?=catalogue and bibliography of the world's languages

Martin Haspelmath haspelmath at EVA.MPG.DE
Tue Aug 13 07:54:20 UTC 2013

We are happy to announce Glottolog 2.0 <>, a 
comprehensive catalogue and bibliography of the world's languoids 
(languages, families and dialects):

Nordhoff, Sebastian & Hammarström, Harald & Forkel, Robert & Haspelmath, 
Martin (eds.) 2013.
Glottolog 2.0. Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary 
Anthropology. Online at

Glottolog 2.0 has a completely new user interface, and a very nice 
visual presentation of language families (e.g. Sino-Tibetan 

Please send us suggestions for improvement and references on less widely 
studied languages that are still missing! Glottolog should be seen as a 
community effort.


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