Hindi-Urdu conversational styles/exchange patterns

Mike Morgan mwmbombay at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 14 17:51:47 UTC 2013


I am not sure you will find anything, since at the conversational
level they are one and the same language. (and, at least in some parts
of India -- Mumbai for example -- everyone -- except right wing Hindu
fanatics -- will admit that the purist Hindi speakers are the
Muslims... because "pakka" Hindi = Urdu).

Differences only come into play at "higher" stylistic levels... and
when politics comes into play (i.e there may well be a LOT of
differences in speeched of Hindu "fundamentalist" wing politicians in
Hindi vs Muslim "fundamentalist" politicians in Urdu. (Also of course
difference in writing styles... beond the obvious difference ins

OR, given the 60-some years of separation there might be differences
at the conversation level between the Hindi-Urdu of India and the Urdu
of Pakistan.

BUT, that said, I am unaware of any such contrastive studies off hand...

On 8/14/13, Everett, Daniel <DEVERETT at bentley.edu> wrote:
> I am looking for a study contrasting or comparing conversational (in
> particular turn-taking) patterns in Hindi vs. Urdu.
> Dan

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