call for bids: ALT12 in 2017

Jean-Christophe Verstraete jean-christophe.verstraete at ARTS.KULEUVEN.BE
Thu Dec 12 10:22:56 UTC 2013

Dear ALT members,

We are launching a call for bids for the organization of ALT12 in 2017. 
As agreed in 2008, conferences will follow the cycle “Europe, America, 
Other”. After ALT10 in Leipzig and ALT11 in Albuquerque, ALT12 will be 
held outside Europe or (North or Latin) America.

We would like to invite any department interested in making a bid for 
the 2017 ALT conference to do so by contacting the president at 
<johanna at> by February 15th 2014. To help the executive 
committee in considering bids, we ask you to answer the questions below, 
which cover basic information about the venue and its infrastructure. 
The Executive Committee will aim to reach a decision by March 15th.

With best wishes,

Johanna Nichols (President)
Jean-Christophe Verstraete (Secretary-Treasurer)


1. Organizing committee

Proposed members of the local organizing committee
Availability of administrative support

2. Location

Availability of conference halls of various sizes
Availability, cost and accessibility of hotels, student accommodation
Access by local public transport
Proximity to airports, train stations etc.

3. Timing

Preferred timing, and alternatives, if available
Also depends on:
- availability of conference halls, hotels etc
- combinations with other workshops, conferences etc in the area
- avoiding clashes with other conferences, schools etc, e.g. LSA 
institute, ICHL

4. Finances
- Potential funding sources (research councils, university funding, 
other sponsors)
- Options for offering scholarships to students & scholars from 
developing countries

5. Other points
- Any proposals for adjacent workshops?
- Any other ideas to make the conference attractive to potential 
participants (inside and outside ALT)?

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