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Great news!


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> Dear typologists,
> I'm happy to report that the DFG just announced that for the next two
> years it will fund "Language Science Press", the new platinum open-access
> publisher founded by Stefan Müller and myself (here's the DFG's press
> release).
> There are now eight book series published by Language Science Press. The
> one of greatest interest to LINGTYP readers is "Studies in Diversity
> Linguistics", which now has the first two forthcoming books on its page:
> http://langsci-press.org/catalog/series/Diversity-Linguistics. The series
> is intended both for typological books (monographs and edited volumes)
> and for grammatical descriptions of individual languages or groups of
> languages.
> In addition, you may be interested in the two series on African languages.
> We expect to publish the first few books by late February 2014. We are
> looking forward to further submissions, in all series.
> (And in case you were wondering what "platinum open access" means: This
> means that neither readers nor authors pay the publisher. Publication
> costs are paid by the publisher, as a public service.)
> Season's Greetings,
>  Martin
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